GROSSBERG, MENASSEH (c. 1860–1927), rabbinical scholar. Born in Trestina, Russia, Grossberg led a wandering life, copying and publishing Hebrew manuscripts from libraries in Berlin, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Munich, and other cities. In the first decade of the 20th century he settled in London, copying manuscripts for European scholars at the British Museum and at Oxford. His many publications included a Pentateuch commentary by Jacob of Vienna (Peshatim u-Ferushim, 1888, repr. 1967) from a Munich manuscript; Meshullam b. Moses' Sefer ha-Hashlamah on tractates Berakhot, Ta'anit, and Megillah (from a Hamburg manuscript, the first with an introduction by H. Brody (1893, repr. 1967), and the last as an appendix to Peshatim u-Ferushim); Hizzei Menasheh (1901), a manuscript commentary on the Pentateuch by various medieval scholars also containing Jonathan of Lunel's novellae on Horayot (1901); Sefer Yezirah (1902); David b. Levi's Sefer ha-Mikhtam on Megillah (1904); Megillat Ta'anit (with an extensive introduction, 1906); and Seder Olam Zuta (also with introduction, 1910). Grossberg also published responsa and various halakhic treatises.

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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